About Bolagsstämmorna

Bolagsstämmorna* is the student choir of the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. We belong to the student association HHGS (Handelshögskolans i Göteborg studentkår).

Listen to us on our Youtube channel or on the Lyssna page on this website, where a few selected songs are embedded.

*Bolagsstämma (in definite plural: Bolagsstämmorna) means general assembly. Stämma also means voice. It’s a play on words and funny because we are a choir at the business school. Very witty and very Gothenburg!


Upcoming events

After our annual concert together with all of the other student choirs, called “Körnatta”, we will focus on the Christmas repertoir and prepare for Lucia gigs and other concert projects!

At the end of every semester we put on a spring or Christmas concert! We will publish information about all our events on Facebook, make sure to follow our page!



Bolagsstämmorna can be booked for gigs in and around the Gothenburg area. We have a season themed repertoir that changes every year, and also a large variety of festive songs, suitable for parties and events of different kinds. Prizes vary depending on the length of the performance and other factors. Please write us for more information: bolagsstammorna@hhgs.se.



Students of other universities and non-students are also welcome to our auditions. Previous choir experience is a bonus but not a requirement! We practise every tuesday at 6.15 pm.

We hold auditions at the start of every semester, depending on the vacant spots. The next auditions will be held on Tuesday September 11th and Thursday September 13th at 6 pm.

Our rehersals are always in Swedish, but when we have international members we make sure all the information is also available in English, and you are always welcome to ask if there is something you don’t understand!

If you have any questions about the choir or anything else, send an e-mail to: bolagsstammorna@hhgs.se or use the message function on our Facebook page!